Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout For Busy Women

Limited Time? Limited Equipment? Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout in 10 Minutes

Let me show you a really great metabolic kettlebell fat loss workout that you can do with limited time and limited equipment.

Today’s fat loss workout only requires  one kettlebell. We will be  using the ladder technique for your exercises.

Kettlebells are great. I was introduced to kettlebells about six years ago. One of the best part about using kettlebells is you don’t need more than 1 or 2.

Kettlebells with the right combination of exercises can give you not only a great fat loss and cardiovascular workout but will significantly get you stronger.

All in the privacy of your own home.

Today we have a 10 minute kettlebell fat loss workout brought to you by Neghar Fonooni. Neghar is the creator of the Lean and Lovely Weight loss Program.

The ladder technique refers to doing your repitions in either ascending going up or descending going down order.

As an example you would do one rep of an exercise put the kettlebell down rest then do 2 reps 3 4 and so on.

You can use one metabolic exercise two metabolic exercises or multiple kettlebell exercises.

Today’s kettlebell fat loss workout uses two exercises.

  1. The Kettlebell Goblet Squat
  2. The Kettlebell Swing

The goblet squat and swings are 2  metabolic exercises that anybody can do and  you can modify them.

They are really the most basic Kettlebell exercises. Doing a strict up ladder. I’m gonna combine in the two so the exercise repetitions are going to ascend other exercise repetitions are going to descend.

So you are gonna do ten goblet squats paired with five swings.

The next round we are gonna do 9 goblet squats paired with six swings.

As you can see the goblet squat are going down and the swings are going up.

We’ll go ahead and do the first so you can see what it looks like.

Grab that kettlebell by the horns pop it up to your chest feet just outside of my hip. Your back should be up nice and tall.

If for whatever reason you need to make that a little more challenging maybe you have a really light kettlebell. It may be the only one you have to use.

Rather than adding more at you can add a clean back down to the ground bring it up as you can see she is still using her hip not rounding her  back when she put’s the kettlebell down.

You can do that 10 times as you can see she is out of breath. This can be very challenging you can take as much as you need in between the squat and the swing.

Keep in mind the whole reason we are doing metabolic kettlebell workouts is because we are on limited time. You can really do this fat loss workout in10 minutes or less.

i need only five swings so i am just gonna go right into it.

Remember that with the swing in sending my hip back and then driving them forward.

That was five right back to kettlebell goblet squat and do nine goblet squat and then i am gonna do six swings.

Eight goblet squat seven swings until i am down to five goblet squats and ten swings.

i am always doing 15 repetitions of course you can break down those numbers in any way you like. The best is really quick easy and even kinda fun way to get in a quick metabolic kettlebell fat loss workout.

When you have very limited equipment and very limited time.

Neghar Fonooni is a fitness and lifestyle coach, writer, entrepreneur, veteran, wife, and mom—and one of the original seven co-founders of Girls Gone Strong. She’s also a RKC-II kettlebell instructor, avid yoga practitioner, and lifelong athlete

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Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout
Article Name
Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout
Let me show you a really great metabolic kettlebell fat loss workout that you can do with limited time and limited equipment. Today's fat loss workout only requires one kettlebell. We will be using the ladder technique for your exercises.
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